Swiss Industrial Metaverse Conference


There is a lot of discussion about the metaverse, but we think it makes more sense to take a practical view.

The term metaverse is still being defined and used by different companies and industries to describe a vision of a future digital world with new ways of interacting.

But its potential to drive the next wave of digital transformation seems increasingly clear. The benefits for users and companies that embrace it early are already emerging in real life.


1. Understand the basic principles of the metaverse 

2. Learn about the future relevance of the topic to your organization 

3. Experience project, use case and business insights from the metaverse 

4. Network with innovative companies in the field of VR / AR 

16:15  Coffee, welcome, warm-up

16:30 Introduction: What we mean by metaverse today

Dr. Enrico Senger, Cifeno AG & Dr. Maximilian Richter, Park Central

16:50  State-ofthe-Art Technology – Metaverse, Web 3.0, AR/VR

          What “metaverse technologies” can already do today

    • Challenges in Engineering on the Way to Digital Twins

           Markus Walker, Product Owner Engineering Master, Schindler Group

    • Metaverse Game Changer AR/IoT/PLM/CAD

           Jörg Schulthess, CEO & Laurent Gerber, Head Marketing, JKS Group

    • Applications in Defense & Space

           Dr. Thorben Keller, Head of New Business Innovation Airbus Defense & Space


18:00  Metaverse Perspective 2030      

What is the vision of the metaverse, and what are the use cases that create value in an industrial environment?

    • Virtual Worlds – Real Impact: How companies can create value in the metaverse

          Dr. des. Edona Elshan & Fabian Tingelhoff, Universität St. Gallen

    • How the Metaverse will change the tech industry

          Melanie Tschugmall, Global Business Strategy Expert & Strategy Lead SAP & Ravi Singh, Head of Client Services Interxion

    • Intellectual Property in the Industrial Metaverse – Opportunities & Risks for Swiss Companies

          Katerina Livi, Trademark Attorney & Matthias Salcher, Patent Attorney, Rentsch Partner AG

18:55 What metaverse do we want to live in?

Panel discussion on the risks and opportunities of the technology and related use cases Benefits in an industrial environment.

    • Prof. Nathaly Tschanz, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Moderation)
    • Daniel Rutishauser, Head DLT & Financial Services, Inacta AG
    • Jörg Schulthess, CEO JKS Group
    • Roberto Monosi, Head of Customer Care, Smile
    • Dr. Thorben Keller, Head of New Business Innovation Airbus Defense & Space

19:15 Touch & Feel with Apéritif

Solution examples up close 


Dr. Enrico Senger

Dr. Enrico Senger

Dr. Enrico Senger is a C-Level executive passionate about turning technology potentials into business success. He has more than 20 years of experience and execution in digital strategy development from large enterprises and SMEs across various industries. Among others, he spearheaded as VP Digital Innovation the digitization of at Schindler. He founded cifeno in 2020, a boutique consultancy focusing on digitization and IT management.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gilbert

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gilbert

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gilbert is Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Technologies & Methods at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. A computer scientist with a doctorate in economics, he is a valued digital pioneer with experience as Chief Information Office, CEO and founder of start-ups. As head of the Digital Lab at the Innovation Park Central Switzerland, he combines new technological approaches with business concepts that result in smart, digitally networked products with a positive, sustainability-oriented benefit.

Dr. Maximilian Richter

Dr. Maximilian Richter

Dr. Maximilian Richter develops Swiss-wide ecosystems that accelerate the translation of research results into marketable products and services together with start-ups, industry and research partners. As an engineer and doctor of business administration in the field of business innovation, he brings experience from strategy consulting and academia. He is also the author of scientific and popular science articles on technology management, smart cities and autonomous driving.