Successful Swiss Industrial Metaverse Conference Sheds Light on the Future of Digital Transformation

Rotkeuz, Switzerland – May 2, 2023 – The Swiss Industrial Metaverse Conference, recently organized in collaboration between Cifeno AG, Switzerland Innovation Park Central and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, provided versatile impulses for the further development of digital transformation. Experts, thought leaders and decision makers from innovative companies attended to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Metaverse for the next phase of digital development.

The conference, which focused on practical applications and real-world experiences, aimed to make the concept of the Metaverse more understandable and to demonstrate its importance to businesses of any size. A variety of topics were covered, including metaverse fundamentals, underlying technologies, technical challenges, industrial use cases, and intellectual property issues.


The conference produced the following findings, among others:

  1. About 70 percent of the metaverse’s projected potential benefits in 2030 will come from the industrial environment.
  2. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have the potential to revolutionize industrial processes and training.
  3. Digital twins will become a natural part of many industry solutions and, among other things, further optimize processes and drive innovation.
  4. Cross-industry collaboration and early integration are critical for SMBs to realize the full potential of the Metaverse.
  5. Reliable networks with sufficient bandwidth are of great importance for the spread and acceptance of the industrial metaverse.
  6. Complex legal frameworks and intellectual property rights must be addressed from the outset when developing business solutions in the metaverse.

The conference benefited from a wide range of speakers, including Enrico Senger, Dr. Maximilian Richter, Markus Walker, Jürg Schulthess, Laurent Gerber, Dr. Thorben Keller, Edona Elshan, Fabian Tingelhoff, Melanie Tschugmall, Ravi Singh, Katerina Livi, Matthias Salcher, Nathaly Tschanz, Daniel Rutishauser and Roberto Monosi. Their presentations provided valuable insights into the potential impact of metaverse technology on various sectors.

Interested parties can access the conference presentations online:

  1. Introduction – What we mean by metaverse today  [Link]
    Dr. Enrico Senger, Cifeno AG and Dr. Maximilian Richter, Innovation Park Central
  2. Metaverse Game Changer AR/IoT/PLM/CAD  [Link]
    Jürg Schulthess, CEO and Laurent Gerber, Head Marketing JKS Group
  3. Augmented Reality Applications in Defense & Space [ Link ]
    Dr. Thorben Keller, Head of New Business Innovation, Airbus Defense & Space
  4. How the metaverse is changing the tech industry [Link]
    Melanie Tschugmall and Ravi Singh
  5. Virtual Worlds – Real Impacts: How companies can create value in the metaverse [ Link ]
    Dr. des. Edona Elshan and Fabian Tingelhoff, Institute of Information Systems, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  6. Intellectual Property in the Industrial Metaverse – Opportunities and Risks for Swiss Companies [Link]
    Katerina Livi, Trademark Attorney and Matthias Salcher, Patent Attorney, Rentsch Partner AG
  7. Engineering challenges on the way to digital twins
    Markus Walter, Product Owner Engineering Master, Schindler Group
    [On request]

Dr. Enrico Senger, founder and CEO of Cifeno AG, expressed his gratitude with how the conference went: “We are delighted that the Swiss Industrial Metaverse Conference received such a positive response. The event highlighted the practical applications and transformative potential of the metaverse and encouraged participants to explore new opportunities in their respective industries. We would like to thank all the speakers, participants and co-organizers who contributed to the success of this event.”

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