Defend and protect the organization from cybercrime under the CIO service mandate



In the context of CIO as a Service mandate, a medium-sized manufacturing company must fend off a cyber-attack and secure a state-of-the-art infrastructure and IT landscape.


    • The company was under a ransomware attack. The clock was ticking for the production could continue again.
    • The internal IT department had to quickly detect the attack, find and close the backdoor, and restore the original state before minute zero.


    • Crisis management in facing cybercrime: The rapid deployment of a task force in the event of an emergency bought essential minutes and thus prevented damage.
    • Improved visibility and diagnosis capability: Established a monitoring system for your infrastructure, relied on secure cloud solutions and partners, and consistently applied the latest security updates to your applications.
    • Enhanced security routine: Established consistent two-way authentication for all corporate network and application access. Conducted regular security audits regarding user changes. Automated back-ups or redundant cloud storage solutions. Standardized device strategy regarding end devices, notebooks, and mobile devices.